It's the perfect weather to slip into your PJs, pour a hot cuppa (or wine!) and binge on the latest series. ⁠ ⁠

    Here's what we're watching, reading and wearing this July..

    • And Just Like That S2 on Binge: We are OG SATC fans so when Season 2 of the spin off was released, we put on our best PJs and poured a cosmo to live vicariously through our fave New Yorkers! We'll be honest - we didn't love it, but it's worth a binge none the less!

    • Taylor Swift Reputation Tour on Netflix: There's no bad blood we were one of the 4 million Swifties who missed out on tickets. You'll find us in our PJs living our Tay Tay concert dreams through the repuation stadium tour and listening to every single album on repeat!
    • Glamorous on Netflix: We loved seeing Kim Cattrall back on our screen, this time with Miss Benny in this romantic dramedy series. Hot Tip: feel extra fabulous whilst watching in our lace sleepwear, because you're beautiful... say it back!

    • 8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty: This beautiful new book by New York Times best selling author, Jay Shetty, takes readers through the intricate journey of love — beautifully capturing the imperfections of our choices to rise in love to joy and fulfilment.



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