If there’s one thing the last year has taught us, it’s the importance of self-care and making the time for the things that nurture our mind, body and soul.
No-one knows this more than Perth-girl Jess Allen, who created lifestyle brand The Little Gifter Co. after after a career working with vulnerable youth. 
So today we encourage you to take ten minutes for yourself, pour a hot drink and enjoy this read as we chat to Jess about all things career, mum/work life, and of course, self-care. 


Tell us about The Little Gifter Co and what inspired you to start?

I had started a new job working with vulnerable youth that, while extremely rewarding, was equally emotionally draining. I talked a lot about self-care to my clients, and thought I better start practising what I preached! I really enjoyed the whole process of making a product from scratch, and so The Little Gifter Co. was born. I have been so lucky to be able to have started this as a side hustle, to it now being my full time gig.


What piece of career advice would you give your younger self?

Respect yourself. Every decision you make, your successes and failures are directly related to how you feel about yourself. When you have love and compassion for yourself and live with confidence, your choices reflect that.


Your biggest learning from the crazy year that was 2020?

The power of stillness and hitting pause. A lot of people's lives were put on hold, so many of us were forced to work from home, and we were no longer able to travel unless deemed necessary...with this, we were given the opportunity to unapologetically slow down, appreciate our loved ones and the time we get to spend with them a whole lot more, and also take advantage of isolation to focus on ourselves and offer ourselves a few moments of self-care.


What does self-care mean to you?

Taking time to check in with yourself to figure out what will nourish and recharge you. Some days that might be going for a walk with a friend and grabbing a coffee together, other days it might be pampering yourself with a long soak in the bath and coating yourself in your favourite body oil!


Your go-to Little Gifter Co products?

My all-time favourite is The Ethereal Empress Body Oil. I love the way it feels on my skin, and I love the essential oil combination. Moonchild is my go-to Purpose Oil, particularly when I'm feeling stressed or highly strung, and my little boy enjoys rolling it on his feet before he goes to bed as well!


How do you juggle the mum/running your own business life?

I work when he sleeps! It's definitely not a long-term solution, but it's what works right now and that's kind of what mum-life is about! It also helps that I'm the boss and can give myself time off when I need it :)


3-tips for a good night's “Beauty Sleep”?

First, a time to be mindful and reflect on your day, to shake off any bad juju that might've crossed your path, as well note any moments of gratitude and things you might be looking forward to. Our family does this over dinner and names a "rose", a "thorn" and a "bud" from each of our days. Secondly, a good cup of tea. I like mine with really buttery shortbread on the side. Thirdly, a nice wind-down routine before bed. I like a cleansing skincare regime and taking 5 minutes to put body oil on every other night.



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